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315th Day: She Will Be Back!

Hello. I have not posted long time. Time flies so soon. She will be back tomorrow. I haven't seen her for 315 days.
I wonder how she has matured and got responsible. Maybe there must have been lots of ups and downs and it was hard for her to cope with. Anyway I hope she will make use of such indispensable experiences and develop her character.

I'm looking forward to seeing her again! Have a safe flight!

263rd Day

Hello! I haven't updated this blog for a long time. I tend to get lazy so easily.
Anyway, your life in Canada will be over in about 50 days. How do you think about it? Do you want to stay longer? Or can't you wait for the return date? When you left Japan, I made up my mind to improve my English skills and get the license of guide interpreter. But I haven't achieved my goals yet. So I feel pressed for time. I have to make more effort to blush up my English until you are back.

Time flies and the Halloween season is coming soon. I remember my father disguised as a skeleton at the Halloween event. I miss him very much. He might be watching us, especially you from the heaven.

The aroma of fragrant olive made me happy 2 weeks ago but now it's all gone. The life of flowers is so short. We should be more attentive and sensitive to everything around us to make most of our limited life.

Take care!!

fragrant olive

237th Day

Hello. How are you? You have got back to school and your school life has started again. Are you getting used to the school life?
I hope you are coping with it without serious troubles. Now you have only 10 weeks left to spend in Canada. You might feel discouraged a lot by this pandemic and your plans and expectations were far from satisfactory but please keep thinking in a positive way to go ahead for the future. I always stand by you no matter what happens. I believe your smiley face has a power to make people happy.

Stay safe, stay healthy and happy!

Monthly Anniversary

September 4th was the first anniversary of my father's death. My mother spends lonely days after losing her life partner. She seems to keep asking herself the same question -- "If only I had taken him to the hospital earlier, he might have survived longer." Such a sense of regret will not leave soon. We never know the answer of such if-only questions.

After he passed away, I searched the internet and found a dictionary in which he was involved as a member of compiling a Japanese-English dictionary for Japanese language students. I realized how little I knew about his work, research and career. So I bought and gave it to my mother.


On the day of monthly anniversary, my mother received a bouquet of Calla Lilies from his old friend. The floral language of Calla Lilies are "magnificent Beauty" and " feminine modesty."

flowers from

I think he has been blessed with good friends. Maybe he is surrounded by his old friends in the heaven.

208th Day

Hello. How are you getting along? Maybe you finished online training course provided by your school in Japan. Were you motivated by the course? I hope it helped you think about the future career.

Since my father's death, I have noticed that he was a very caring and thoughtful person and he was loved by many people because he made the atmosphere around him brighter by his interesting talks. My mother received some letters of gratitude from his old friends. Now she realized how great her husband were. He continued to have a passion for learning French literature. I wish I could keep learning something until the last moment like my father.


Soon schools will open up again, you will have days to struggle with school assignments. Hopefully you will keep up the good work.

Take care!!





3歳の娘と一緒に "英語でアート" をコンセプトにしたこども英語教室を2007年に開設して13年が経ちました。実験台のように英語を吹き込み、インターナショナルなイベントに連れまわした娘も16歳です。当然のように国際志向が育まれ、今はカナダ留学中です。留学中の娘に連絡がとれないので、手紙のつもりで英語日記を書いています。
その他、千葉市の英語教室、Bears English Clubの活動などをご紹介しています。





3歳の娘と一緒に "英語でアート" をコンセプトにしたこども英語教室を2007年に開設して13年が経ちました。実験台のように英語を吹き込み、インターナショナルなイベントに連れまわした娘も16歳です。当然のように国際志向が育まれ、今はカナダ留学中です。留学中の娘に連絡がとれないので、手紙のつもりで英語日記を書いています。
その他、千葉市の英語教室、Bears English Clubの活動などをご紹介しています。






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