60th Day

Hello. 2 weeks have passed since school shutdown started. The number of cases in Canada is soaring up and today's update is 4760. I hope you can stay healthy and happy. In Japan, the number of new cases is increasing rapidly these last few days. Our government requested stay at home but some people still go out and behave as usual. We Japanese are accustomed to stay close and make gatherings. Kotatsu or Idoatakaigi are the examples that show our habit of staying close with others. But Keeping 6 feet or 2 m away from others is one of the important measures to avoid infections. We need to be more careful to slow down COVID-19 infections.

I drew this picture to remind myself to keep away from other people.


I love you!!


58th Day

Hello. It is clear that schools in Canada will stay closed after April 6. Premier Doug Ford said schools will not reopen even after the current three weeks shutdown. School boards in Ontario will use online learning to support students during the school shutdown. I wonder you could set up and get prepared for E-learning. I feel anxious about your study as I was not able to help you. Please try to get information on time and catch up with other students.

Tokyo had 47 new cases today and it was the largest number for one day. However, people in Japan can go out, enjoy cherry blossoms, eating out and shopping, exercising in gyms. We can spend days much freely than people in other countries suffering from covid-19. I hope no overshoot of coronavirus infections will happen in Japan. People in Japan should be more careful and try to keep 6 feet away from others.Japanese people tend to be close to others. 

Today was a warm and good day to see cherry blossoms. 

Take care!

55th Day

Hello. I sent a package to you last Friday by EMS. Unfortunately I had a phone call from a postal clerk and she said, "there is something dangerous in your package so It was returned to our office." I was worrying about the possibility that the mobile wifi router was rejected. I went to the Chiba Central Postal Office and opened my package. According to the postal clerk, the X-ray check found a spray can.


Yes, the dangerous thing was mist lotion. I didn't notice it because I have never used one. Anyway after removing it, I was able to send the package again. Hopefully it won't be sent back. If it goes smoothly, it may take about 2 weeks to leave Japan because of COVID-19. There is about ten times package increase from the usual now. It's not like by air.

Take care!

53rd Day

Hello. How are you coping with the social distancing? You may have plenty of time but nothing to do except watching Netflix or net surfing. I'm really worried about the school closure. What should you do if the closure continues until September?  You left Japan to connect with people in Canada. Actually you cannot go out of the house. No one could predict this pandemic would happen. COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire all over the world. I wonder when we can get the normal life back.

You feel insecure away from your family and friends. Please do what you can do at home and communicate with your host family and enjoy doing something with them. You can read books and prepare for IELTS. This is the time you should prepare for your future.

I drew the image of COVID-19. All countries should put together to save the world.


Take care.

49th Day

Hello. This time last week I was not so worried about the coronavirus situation in your place. But it changed dramatically.
Now all schools were shut down in Ontario and today I knew that Canada shut the border to non-Canadian citizens. I heard the very strong message from French president Macron. He said, "we are at war." It means that the whole world faces a crisis. We should be always careful. Let's wash our hands frequently and practice social distancing to protect ourselves. Maybe you are already bored of staying at home. Be patient and find something interesting.
By the way, many people call coronavirus COVID-19. COVID-19 stands for Corona Virus Disease 2019. It's so simple.

Take care.





娘のアイリンと一緒に "英語でアート" をコンセプトにした念願のこども英語教室を2007年10月よりスタートしました。






娘のアイリンと一緒に "英語でアート" をコンセプトにした念願のこども英語教室を2007年10月よりスタートしました。







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