32nd Day

Hello! Yesterday I was surprised to see lots of daily necessities were running out at my nearest supermarket. No more toilet rolls or tissue boxes! Even bread! Are many people preparing for the curfew? I feel depressed by this kind of abnormal situation. Let's hope that normal days will come back soon!

I hear your place had heavy snowstorm. Take care!


31st Day

Hello! I was surprised to hear the news that the government requested all schools to call off until spring break. I wonder how students will spend long holidays without going out. Most of them may spend playing games for long time. I hope this coronavirus issue will come to an end soon.

Today is your grandfather’s 88th birthday. Thank you for your birthday message. I wish He will survive by the time you come back to Japan.

Take care!

29th Day

Hello! As soon as you left Japan, coronavirus outbreak started in Japan and our lives are heavily affected. How depressing!
Major events such as sport games or ceremonies were postponed or canceled and many people refrain from going out. We might be infected anywhere in the shops or sport clubs or public transportation. But no one including doctors can tell exactly he or she has coronavirus because the inspection kit isn't available. I'm now thinking about what I should do with the performance party. I need to decide in a couple of days.

Take care!

28th Day

Hello. I'm sorry, I skipped yesterday's blog letter for the first time since I started this blog in a form of letter for you.
Day by day the corona virus is approaching me and I feel really scared. I just want to hold my school's performance day safely. Please pray for me.

By the way, have you sent me a letter? I have been waiting for the letter. I'm so accustomed to this digital life that I can hardly wait.

I miss you!

26th Day

Hello. I'm really worried about your money. Have you sent your letter to tell me your bank account? Your money will soon run out. I think it takes almost a week to transfer money. It is you who will be in trouble.

I love you!

25th Day

Hello! What are you planning to do this weekend? Mine is not a good one. I have a slight cold and cough a little. These days the spread of corona virus is getting serious. Everyday city mayors report new patients in their city. There are a few patients in Chiba city too. I hope this epidemic will come to the end soon. I need to hold a performance day meeting next month. I don't want to cancel this meeting.

Take care!

24th Day

Hello! Your grandma always asks me I have any news from you. When I answered “nothing,” she looked so disappointed. She should learn that no news is a good news.

Anyway before your money run out, you should inform your bank account details. I can’t send you any money without bank information. International money transfer takes more time than we expect.

Take care!

23rd Day

Hello! How are you getting along? I'm getting used to the life without you. Of course I'm missing you but I live a life of peace.
Every time you dropped a bomb in my mind, I easily got upset.

Do you have much snow in your place? Today I made a clay snowman in my preschool class. In Japan, two storied snowman is normal. How is in Canada? Do they make three storied snowmen?


Take care!

22nd Day

Hello! I’m happy that K has passed the entrance exam of his first choice high school. I remember the time when you and I were worried about the result of the high school entrance exam same as K. A year has passed and now you are able to study in Canada as you planned. From now on, you should develop your future. Give it your all!

I love you.

21st Day

Hello! Were you able to get my letter? I sent it about ten days ago. I hope you have it.
Recently I keep watching a drama, This Is Us on amazon prime video. It's a human drama about twins and an adopted kids and their lives after grown up. I recommend you should watch it too. I couldn't stop watching like you.

I love you!

20th Day

Hello. How was your weekend?
Your TOEFL iBT result letter arrived today. I told you the score last month. You should improve your score if you would like to study at a university abroad. Your level is low intermediate and most of the University needs high intermediate. Keep it up!!

15th Day

I sent you your clothes and foods such as udon and snacks by EMS service. According to the postal website it takes 4 business days to Canada from the next day the package is checked in at the post office.
You will get them next Tuesday or Wednesday.
Please cook Udon and try it. Don’t forget to use chopsticks.

Take care!

19th Day


I went to Chiba station today and saw something weird. A woman was kicking cones at the construction site. I thought she was drunken but she was able to walk properly. She was a pretty woman in a stylish clothes. That made me feel more strange. She might have had a bad day but it isn't good to take her anger on things in a public place. Anyway I will take care to behave in a good way to others. Actually I had a bad luck in a coffee shop. My bag got wet by the spilled water when a woman sitting next to me fell off her paper cup. I was quite calm and told her that was OK.

When I remember the days living with you, I wasn't OK at all. I used to get mad easily with you. You kept telling me yes but almost everything you didn't. I was always stressed with your contradictory responses. Probably you were too. I should have been more generous to you.

Take care!

18th Day

Hello! I was happy to know that postal service EMS is quite rapid. My daughter received 3 packages of 5. It took only 4 days including the check-in day. It's faster than airmail. Enjoy your weekend!

17th Day

Hello! It's Valentine's Day today. You will know the different Valentine's Day tomorrow.  I will post the song of my YouTube channel. It's a pretty song to tell the feeling, "I love you."

I love you much!!

16th Day


Hello!  I taught preschoolers today. They will sing the song, "I'm a Little Snowman" at the performance day next month.
Your YouTube video helps them learn the song. Thank you!! You were 8 years old when I made that file. Time flies!!

15th Day

I sent you your clothes and foods such as udon and snacks by EMS service. According to the postal website it takes 4 business days to Canada from the next day the package is checked in at the post office.
You will get them next Tuesday or Wednesday.
Please cook Udon and try it. Don’t forget to use chopsticks.

Take care!

14th Day

Hello. I packed all the carton boxes to be sent to you . 5 boxes are piled up in the floor. I wonder how much the shipping fee costs. The postal clerk will pick them up tomorrow. I put lots of snacks so that you can give away to your host family and friends. Please help yourself.


13th Day

Hello! It's National Foundation Day today. How was the excursion to Toronto? Were you able to find good clothes for you?
Are XXS size clothes on sale? Anyway I hope you had a good time with your host family.
It's 4 am. I fell asleep on the sofa watching a movie. This is the same style you used to do at home.

I'm looking forward to your first letter.

12th Day

Hello! It's 10 pm on Feb. 9th. Are you going to Toronto today? It must be fun because you like going out and shopping.
I am preparing for my students' performance day. As I get older, I came to find it tiring to prepare everything by myself.
Thinking about the era of 100-year lifespan, I have still 40 years more from now. I need to stay positive and improve my career.
But another myself said the negative thing. It's the struggle between positive and negative myself.

Have a good time!

11th Day

11 days have passed since my daughter left Japan. No news is a good news. I keep writing my English letter on this blog.
How empty I feel? We write letters expecting his or her response. Responses or feedbacks make our lives something meaningful.
Today I sent a letter to my daughter's host parents to tell thme my gratitude. The letter will reach to them in about one week. Airmails are too slow. The gap of the speed between paper based letters and digital messages is quite huge. Which do you think about it, only one week or long and frustrating one week?

10th Day


Hello! I haven't received your first letter yet. I wonder how many days it takes to deliver? I feel it's too slow. We are living in a digital network society and expect quick responses. I am not able to adjust to the paper based communication.

Today I got a parental consent form from your high school. You are going to visit relatives of your host family and enjoy shopping this weekend. It would be nice you can go around the city. Please be careful not to be lost.

Take care!

9th Day

Hello! I could see you in the pictures your teacher sent me from Canada. I was greatly relieved that you looked quite satisfied with your school and family. I hope you will make this wonderful opportunity valuable and irreplaceable in your life.
I have been waiting for your first letter. As soon as I get it, I would like to send these big cartons to you.

Keep smiling and make people around you happier.

Good luck!

8th Day


Hello! It's about 5 degree Celsius here in Chiba. I feel cold today. I checked the temperature of Meaford. It's always between -10 and -3 degree Celsius. You feel really cold. Please get enough food and sleep to keep your body warm. Today 34th coronavirus case was reported. The number of the Japanese patients are increasing. I hope that the spread of coronavirus will not lead to the racial discrimination against Asians in the world.

I love you much!

7th Day


Hello! How are you getting along? 
Now one of the biggest news in the world is coronavirus infection.  Are you in good shape?
In Japan the 23td case was reported today. The latest case is a woman from China and it stimulates the people living in Chiba.
I couldn't find any masks in sale at the nearest supermarket. I hope this pandemic will be over soon.

Take care!

6th Day

Hello! How are you?
Are you getting along in your home and school?
I’m looking forward to getting your first letter from you,

Today I had 4 lessons and after that I’m relaxed at last. Your dad is sleeping on the sofa instead of you. You used to do same as your dad.


I miss you!

5th Day

1/28に約11カ月のカナダ留学に出発した娘への手紙のつもりで、English Journal を書き始めました。

How are you? It's February 3rd in a few minutes. I have a private lesson with K three times a week for a high school entrance exam. He was so nervous because now he understands how much he doesn't know about English. Unfortunately English is not the subject to tackle with just in a few months. Now I am deeply aware of the importance of daily effort. You are in an ideal environment to learn English. I would like to advise you to make a steady effort to absorb words and phrases you don't know. You should ask its meaning and usage, take a note and use it by yourself. Good luck with your English improvement!

Enjoy your life in Canada!

4th Day

It’s February 1st. Your new school life has started, hasn’t it? You’re nervous. I believe you will make it successfully. I hope you can make good friends.

Today I cleared up your messy room finally. It took almost a day, and now I finished organizing your room. You should keep your new room neat. Your host parents want you to keep your room clean.

Your Room

Good luck!





3歳の娘と一緒に "英語でアート" をコンセプトにしたこども英語教室を2007年に開設して13年が経ちました。実験台のように英語を吹き込み、インターナショナルなイベントに連れまわした娘も16歳です。当然のように国際志向が育まれ、今はカナダ留学中です。留学中の娘に連絡がとれないので、手紙のつもりで英語日記を書いています。
その他、千葉市の英語教室、Bears English Clubの活動などをご紹介しています。





3歳の娘と一緒に "英語でアート" をコンセプトにしたこども英語教室を2007年に開設して13年が経ちました。実験台のように英語を吹き込み、インターナショナルなイベントに連れまわした娘も16歳です。当然のように国際志向が育まれ、今はカナダ留学中です。留学中の娘に連絡がとれないので、手紙のつもりで英語日記を書いています。
その他、千葉市の英語教室、Bears English Clubの活動などをご紹介しています。






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