60th Day

Hello. 2 weeks have passed since school shutdown started. The number of cases in Canada is soaring up and today's update is 4760. I hope you can stay healthy and happy. In Japan, the number of new cases is increasing rapidly these last few days. Our government requested stay at home but some people still go out and behave as usual. We Japanese are accustomed to stay close and make gatherings. Kotatsu or Idoatakaigi are the examples that show our habit of staying close with others. But Keeping 6 feet or 2 m away from others is one of the important measures to avoid infections. We need to be more careful to slow down COVID-19 infections.

I drew this picture to remind myself to keep away from other people.


I love you!!


58th Day

Hello. It is clear that schools in Canada will stay closed after April 6. Premier Doug Ford said schools will not reopen even after the current three weeks shutdown. School boards in Ontario will use online learning to support students during the school shutdown. I wonder you could set up and get prepared for E-learning. I feel anxious about your study as I was not able to help you. Please try to get information on time and catch up with other students.

Tokyo had 47 new cases today and it was the largest number for one day. However, people in Japan can go out, enjoy cherry blossoms, eating out and shopping, exercising in gyms. We can spend days much freely than people in other countries suffering from covid-19. I hope no overshoot of coronavirus infections will happen in Japan. People in Japan should be more careful and try to keep 6 feet away from others.Japanese people tend to be close to others. 

Today was a warm and good day to see cherry blossoms. 

Take care!

55th Day

Hello. I sent a package to you last Friday by EMS. Unfortunately I had a phone call from a postal clerk and she said, "there is something dangerous in your package so It was returned to our office." I was worrying about the possibility that the mobile wifi router was rejected. I went to the Chiba Central Postal Office and opened my package. According to the postal clerk, the X-ray check found a spray can.


Yes, the dangerous thing was mist lotion. I didn't notice it because I have never used one. Anyway after removing it, I was able to send the package again. Hopefully it won't be sent back. If it goes smoothly, it may take about 2 weeks to leave Japan because of COVID-19. There is about ten times package increase from the usual now. It's not like by air.

Take care!

53rd Day

Hello. How are you coping with the social distancing? You may have plenty of time but nothing to do except watching Netflix or net surfing. I'm really worried about the school closure. What should you do if the closure continues until September?  You left Japan to connect with people in Canada. Actually you cannot go out of the house. No one could predict this pandemic would happen. COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire all over the world. I wonder when we can get the normal life back.

You feel insecure away from your family and friends. Please do what you can do at home and communicate with your host family and enjoy doing something with them. You can read books and prepare for IELTS. This is the time you should prepare for your future.

I drew the image of COVID-19. All countries should put together to save the world.


Take care.

49th Day

Hello. This time last week I was not so worried about the coronavirus situation in your place. But it changed dramatically.
Now all schools were shut down in Ontario and today I knew that Canada shut the border to non-Canadian citizens. I heard the very strong message from French president Macron. He said, "we are at war." It means that the whole world faces a crisis. We should be always careful. Let's wash our hands frequently and practice social distancing to protect ourselves. Maybe you are already bored of staying at home. Be patient and find something interesting.
By the way, many people call coronavirus COVID-19. COVID-19 stands for Corona Virus Disease 2019. It's so simple.

Take care.

46th Day

Hello. Weather changed completely from the warm days before and it is very cold today.
Your teacher in Japan reported me that you had been sick in bed with a cold for a couple of days. I feel sorry that I cannot do anything for you. I just pray for your early recovery. All high schools in Ontario were shut down until April 5th because of coronavirus. You will have long time to rest. It might be tough for you to stay at home all day long because you love school life. Please enrich your inner world by reading books or watching Netflix.

Here are cherry blossoms in Daidarabocchi when you were 10 years old.  Next week cherry blossoms will start blooming in Chiba. Every cloud has a silver lining. You will have good things soon.


I hope you feel better soon!

44th Day

Hello! I hope you are OK. At last WHO announced that COVID-10 outbreak is a global pandemic. Many people thought the declaration came too late. In this situation, our moral or human quality are being tested. I hope that the world will not lose the humanity and harmony.

Burk Museum

This is you in Seattle in the summer of 2007. We had a wonderful time there. Now many schools are closed because of coronavirus. The world should win the fight with this pandemic.

I love you always.

43rd Day

Hello. 9 years ago today the Great East Japan Earthquake happened. I was preparing for the tax filing and busy organizing receipts. You were a 2nd grader and stayed at school and other parents went to school to pick their kids up. I couldn’t get the pick up message from school and you were waiting at school for a long time. Two hours later, I noticed that I should have met you and hurried to school. Finally I could see you walking in a group returning home with a teacher. You looked so cross because I didn’t pick you up earlier. Nine years have passed and you are in Canada without my help. I’m happy that you have grown up. I’m proud of you.

Finally I’ve got your first letter. Thank you for the letter. You used the word ‘happy’ more than 5 times. You are getting able to understand the difficult class. You wrote it on Feb. 28. It took 11 days for delivery. The stamps were $8.65. It’s about 800 yen. Sending a letter is an expensive thing to do.

As you wrote it down, we have ups and downs. That’s what we live. I love you!


42nd Day

Hello. How was school today? Your spring break will start next week, right? I hope you'll enjoy it.

I feel oppressed because every day I hear lots of coronavirus related news and refrain from going out. Recently, I've got more gray hair. I think stress causes gray hair. Sudden increase of stressed people may leaad to a hit of hair dye products.

CNN started using the term, "pandemic." Acording to COBUILD dictionary, "a pandemic is an occurence of a disease that affects many people over a very wide area." Pandemic is just the word to show the current situation of the world. I need to stay calm to behave properly. I play the piece, Clair de lune (月の光) on the piano to calm myself. Music is a good medicine for our minds. I recommend you to play the ukulele if you have time.

Take care.

40th Day

Hello. How are you getting along? You’ll have good time because it’s Sunday morning.

My left eye becomes red. That’s why I used my smartphone too much and had lack of sleep. I should be careful to lead a healthy life. I stopped going to the gym due to coronavirus. This is the bad effect to keep my body healthy. I suppose that tremendous numbers of people, especially elderly people, feel difficulty finding a place to go.

Ironically, in order to stay healthy without being infected, we stay at home eating too much junk food, using a smartphone all the time and end up getting unhealthy. I’ll do a workout at home.

I ordered a tripod stand for my camera on Amazon but it broke before using it. What a quality!


38th Day

Hello! I have a bad news. I've decided to cancel my school's performance party yesterday. The coronavirus patients are increasing and the anxieties of the people is growing. In such condition, I can't tell there is no risk in the performing day. But still I feel very sorry for this cancellation of the party. Anyway, let's wait for the time when we can hold a performing day without worries.

I would like to tell you that there is no perfect world. If once you thought it good, you may think it bad. Our feelings and conditions change. The first thing to do is to change yourself, then change things you can control. At the same time, you should make your purpose clearer and convey your wish or intention properly to the people involved. Keep trying to develop your world as you want to be. You can do it! You don't have to be nice to anyone all the time. You need to have something that you can't compromise in order to make your life in Canada successful.

I love you.

36th Day

Hello. How are you doing? I see no weather alerts in your area.

March is the important month in Japan when major events take place in our lives such as entrance exams, graduation ceremonies and year-end ceremonies. Coronavirus robbed us of lots of valuable opportunities. We have to cope with the virus in a sensible manner, not fearing blindly. Let's think about happy things and make my heart positive.

Take care!

35th Days

Hello. It's March 3rd today in Japan. We Japanese decorate Hina dolls to pray for girls growth. I don't have gorgeous Hina dolls so I made them with boiled eggs. I prayed for your safety and beautiful days. Happy Dolls Day!

Egg Hina Dolls

Wish you good luck!

33rd Day

Hello! March has started. One month has passed and you are getting used to enjoying your life in Canada.
The life in Japan is quite tough and full of anxieties. People want to stock up on daily necessities such as toilet paper rolls and food worrying about the life staying at home. Invisible anxieties and worries let people behave abnormally. Government should take effective measures and make clear explanations to dispel concerns from people.

Time flies! Try to make your life happier and more meaningful.





3歳の娘と一緒に "英語でアート" をコンセプトにしたこども英語教室を2007年に開設して13年が経ちました。実験台のように英語を吹き込み、インターナショナルなイベントに連れまわした娘も16歳です。当然のように国際志向が育まれ、今はカナダ留学中です。留学中の娘に連絡がとれないので、手紙のつもりで英語日記を書いています。
その他、千葉市の英語教室、Bears English Clubの活動などをご紹介しています。





3歳の娘と一緒に "英語でアート" をコンセプトにしたこども英語教室を2007年に開設して13年が経ちました。実験台のように英語を吹き込み、インターナショナルなイベントに連れまわした娘も16歳です。当然のように国際志向が育まれ、今はカナダ留学中です。留学中の娘に連絡がとれないので、手紙のつもりで英語日記を書いています。
その他、千葉市の英語教室、Bears English Clubの活動などをご紹介しています。






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