92nd Day

Hello. Three months have passed since you left Japan. Your school life stopped suddenly in the middle of March and after that your life has been limited only at home. Our concern is when we can get back to the normal life. However the keywords for the world after the pandemic are "with corona"or "new normal." It means that the life after the pandemic will be different from what we had. It is difficult for me to imagine new way of life. But we need to think about how we live and for what we live. I hope you will think about what you want to do in the future.

Yesterday I saw the movie "Contagion." It is about the pandemic.


Contagion means a disease that can be passed from person to person by touch. The coronavirus transmission also happens by touching our mouths, noses, eyes after touching contaminated surface that has the virus on things such as straps of buses or trains, doorknobs, switches or buttons. In the movie, it says, "The average person touches their face 2,000 or 3,000 times a day." The film depicts the pandemic crisis from the beginning to the end brought by a vaccine. After watching the movie, I feel really scared of touching things especially in the supermarket. I will recommend this film if you haven't seen it.

Take care!! Stay safe and healthy!!


87th Day

Hello! I read weekly report coming from your teacher yesterday. You seem leading happy days full of fun and laughter.  Be careful not to miss the deadline of your assignments.    Now I see lots of azalea in bloom along the roadside.  I enjoy the glorious spring weather when I walk.  


Golden Week holiday has started but we are still under the state of emergency and refraining from outing.  Everyone wonders when the life will go back to normal?   Some people tell we will never return to the same life we were.  We need to live with coronavirus.   If so, how will be the society with COVID-19 like?  I can't tell how to manage my English school.  If I cannot meet my students, I need to use online system like Zoom.  But that is not what I like to do.  COVID-19 is imposing unprecedented strains into everyone in the world.  Anyway let's find something happy and positive to make every day meaningful.

Take care!!

83rd Day

Hello. I had a shocking news today. At least 17 people were killed in a shooting rampage at Nova Scotia in Canada.
What a terrible news in this pandemic! My heart goes out to everyone affected by the shooting.
Not a few people have guns in Canada because hunting is one of the popular activities and getting a gun is not so difficult. Of course they need a licence and registration to get a gun. This incident reminds me of the danger of guns in society.

CNN News↓

Take care!!

81st Day

Hello. I was able to see your video letter. Thanks a lot. Your grandparents were happy to see you. Definitely, your English speaking skill has improved . You were using more difficult words and phrases than you were in Japan. I hope you will try to develop your vocabulary more and more. Rich vocabulary helps you use English easier.

In your video, I noticed your disappointment for this stay-at-home situation. I know that all your plans were canceled because of this pandemic but please try to think how to make your days in Canada meaningful. There are still something you can do at home.

I love you always!!

79th Day

Hello. I have got a weekly report from your teacher. You look spending happy days out there.
Please be careful not to miss the deadline of your assignments.

The situations of COVID-19 pandemic in Japan is getting worse. The government will expand the state of emergency to all prefectures. What a world! We should focus on the small things to make us happy. I was happy to eat my favorite ohagi today.

I will upload the photo you were trying to cut a wood 6 years ago. You were struggling to cope with the new life in Nagano. And now you are doing in Canada.


Good luck with your new life!

76th Day ~ Easter Sunday ~

Hello. It was Easter Sunday. How did you spend today?
I made some Easter Eggs. I enjoyed painting eggs.

Easter Eggs 2020 gara

Easter is the most important festival of Christian Church, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Nowadays many Japanese enjoy Easter activities such as egg hunting or egg coloring. I enjoy Easter to celebrate the arrival of spring and new lives.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are no church services and no parades.. People stayed at home and joined online church services. I am looking forward to enjoying Easter activiities with my students after this coronavirus pandemic ends.

Take care!!

72nd Day

Hello. I made a song about the super moon and uploaded on my YouTube yesterday.

After the coronavirus pandemic happened, I know that the world is more fragile than we expect. In this fragile world, the moon always remains there where it should be and it shines the earth unfailingly. Viewing the moon makes me feel reassuring. I recommend you to look up at the moon when you feel anxiety.

Take care.

71st Day

Hello. I saw the Supermoon last night. According to Wikipedia, 'A supermoon is a full moon or a new moon that nearly coincides with perigee—the closest that the Moon comes to the Earth in its elliptic orbit.'
It was not so large as I had expected but It was very bright and clear.
I made a song about the Supermoon. I would like to sing this song with children of my school.
After making the melody, I will upload this song on my YouTube.



I saw the moon yesterday.
You were bright.
I saw the moon yesterday.
You were clear.

Look up at the moon. Look up at the moon.
You are the Supermoon.
Look up at the moon. Look up at the moon.
You are my faithful friend.

I saw the moon yesterday.
You were smiling to me.
I saw the moon yesterday.
You were following me.

Look up at the moon. Look up at the moon.
You are the Supermoon.
Look up at the moon. Look up at the moon.
You are my faithful friend.

Thank you, Supermoon.

I love you always!

67th Day

Hello. How is your weekend? But after the school shutdown everyday looks like weekend, doesn't it?
Today was another warm day so I took your grandparents to Aoba no Mori Park to see the cherry blossoms. When I came here, I always remember the days we played here together.  I couldn't catch up with you and was easily exhausted.

Your grandparents are over 80 and they are vulnerable to the virus but both of them are good walkers. Walking in a park viewing beautiful blossoms on a warm sunny day is really comfortable. 

My parents

I will write a thank you letter for your new host family. And I'll send them some presents. Please wait another one week.

Take care!!

66th Day 留学2カ月後の状況









今は誰もが当たり前の生活ができない状況です。stay at home で social distancingをしている状況の中、知らずしらず心が疲弊してしまいます。心にはたっぷり栄養を与えながら、social distancingを続けていきたいですね。




I wish you stay happy and healthy!!

64th Day

Hello. It's April Fool. New school year has started in Japan. Congratulations to you for moving up to a new grade.
I'm really happy you are able to start a new year with a new host family you like. The news of your host change surprised me a lot but this change would be really important for you to keep you moving forward especially in such a terrible virus affected world. Although no one can tell when we will get back to the normal life, we need to find many things we can still enjoy and thank a lot for the workers who are supporting sick people with a great risk.

I will restart my English school today. Let's enjoy using English with children!!

Take care!





3歳の娘と一緒に "英語でアート" をコンセプトにしたこども英語教室を2007年に開設して13年が経ちました。実験台のように英語を吹き込み、インターナショナルなイベントに連れまわした娘も16歳です。当然のように国際志向が育まれ、今はカナダ留学中です。留学中の娘に連絡がとれないので、手紙のつもりで英語日記を書いています。
その他、千葉市の英語教室、Bears English Clubの活動などをご紹介しています。





3歳の娘と一緒に "英語でアート" をコンセプトにしたこども英語教室を2007年に開設して13年が経ちました。実験台のように英語を吹き込み、インターナショナルなイベントに連れまわした娘も16歳です。当然のように国際志向が育まれ、今はカナダ留学中です。留学中の娘に連絡がとれないので、手紙のつもりで英語日記を書いています。
その他、千葉市の英語教室、Bears English Clubの活動などをご紹介しています。






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