121st Day

Hello. We have summerlike hot days these days. We have to be aware of getting a heat stroke beside the infection of COVID-19. You have hot days too. You are beauty conscious so you might be worried about getting sunburned. Please wear a sunscreen and a cap.

Rainy season is coming here in Japan. The hydrangea reminds us the arrival of rainy season.


I love you much!!


117th Day

Hello. The state of emergency in Chiba prefecture was lifted yesterday and cram schools can reopen their business today. Sports clubs should wait until next month because of high risk of transmission. I need exercising to get rid of my fat.

I started delivering zoom lessons last week. I will continue zoom lessons during this week. I realized that online lessons have some advantages I have never known until starting zoom lessons. Joining a lesson from home involves student's family and parents get interested in the lessons of their children. Contrary to class lessons, online lessons are open and transparent to their family. Trying something new gives us many things to learn. Let's keep on going!!

It's you 8 years ago. We were looking at the eclipse near the port tower. We met Okada Masaki shooting a drama there. Do you remember?


Stay safe, stay positive!

113th Day

Hello. I have good news and bad news. Bad news is that your favorite teacher has quit your school. He was the key man that constructed the system of your school. I got worried about the future of the school. Just in the middle of staying in Canada, most activities are suspended and nobody cares about your studying condition. It's terrible!

Good news is about the flower.

rose in the dark

wet rose

Finally the roses I sent to my mom on the previous Mother's Day began to bloom. They are much more beautiful than last year. If we cast our eyes to the natural surroundings, we can find lots of happiness around us.

Stay healthy, stay positive!

110th Day

Hello. How are you doing? You are in the middle of Victoria Day. Do you have any plans to enjoy the holiday?
I hope your host father's leg will get well soon and all your family will have a good time.

I expected that the exam of licensed guide interpreters would be canceled because of the spread of COVID-19. Contrary to my expectation, the exam will be carried out in August as previously scheduled. I have to start preparing for the test again. This time will be my fifth challenge. I need to pass 2 subjects, which are General Knowledge and Working Knowledge for guide interpreters. This year I will proceed to an interview test. Hopefully I will pass the exam and become a licensed guide interpreter. By the way, I wonder when inbound tourists will come back. There might be lots of guide interpreters who lost their jobs. I have another question. Will Tokyo Olympic games be held as scheduled? Nobody tells the answer but some people feel negative about its opening. It depends on how the world can stop the spread of COVID-19 infection. That seems to be a long way. Go away, vicious virus!!

Take care!!


しばらくBears English Clubの教室レッスンを緊急事態宣言にともないお休みしておりましたが、明日からオンラインレッスンをスタートします。先週ぐらいからトライアルレッスンを行い、昨日、今日と接続テストを行い、明日いよいよスタートです。




ホワイトボードや画面共有があるので、教材などを表示したり、みんなで単語を言いながら絵を描いたりと、いろいろと工夫しながらやってみようと思います。何事も Let's try! ですね



106th Day

Hello. I was shocked that there was a murder case in Meaford, Ontario. That's where you llive in.
A missing 25-year-old Meaford man's remains were found and a 34-year-old Meaford man was arrested 3 days ago. Meaford is not a big town with population less than 11,000.


Please be careful and stay home!!

104th Day

Hello. How did you spend your first Mother’s Day in Canada? I hope you was able to express your appreciation to your host family. We are far away from each other but my heart is always with you.

According to the news, schools in New Zealand will reopen from next week. On the contrary, it might be a long way for schools in Ontario to restart. You must be patient for the time being. Hopefully your school will restart in September.

Let’s look at the bright side of things!!


Stay healthy and positive!!

101st Day

I noticed that yesterday was your 100th day of your stay in Canada. I feel happy that you are safe and healthy although your life is far from what you expected when you left Japan. Because your host family is the nicest people and you can enjoy the life with them and a cute dog. I hope you will be grateful for them and try to step forward to enrich your future life.

I love you!!


97th Day

Hello. I bought a new computer to start online lessons. My old computer works too slow so I have decided to buy a new one.

new pc

I set up my new computer and started to use it. Its performance is so good and I don't feel any stress. I need a new high resolution web camera but it's out of stock. There are huge demand for web camera but most of the parts are produced in China. Same thing;s happen as face masks. All the products depend on the balance of supply and demand. When can I get the webcam?

Anyway I would like to start my zoom lesson soon.

Stay safe, healthy and happy!

95th Day

Hello. How are you doing now? I checked the news of flooding in Alberta. Thousands of people living there had to abandon their homes and evacuate during such a difficult time of COVID-19 pandemic. Nature gives humans many kinds of tests at any time. We should be always vigilant against any risks of natural disaster but I think it's impossible. I know that there are many floodings in Canada. Is your place safe from flooding? Your place is near the bay so I am worrying about it..

I hope you stay safe, healthy and happy!

Take care!!

Bears English Clubからのお知らせ (May 1st)

残念ながら、Bears English Clubのレッスン再開は、延期になりました。

◆レッスン再開 延期のお知らせ

Bears English Club林です。

この度、緊急事態宣言の延長が決定いたしました。大変残念ではありますが、以前よりご案内しておりました通り、緊急事態宣言の延長に伴いBears English Clubのレッスン再開時期も延期となります。


◆YouTube mamatoeigo チャネル

YouTubeのmamatoeigo (ママトエイゴ)チャネルに、いろいろな英語の歌や英語学習教材をアップしています。

オリジナルの英語の歌、「Wash Your Hands!」をアップしました。
簡単な英語の歌でwash your hands, wash my hands, のフレーズや3単現のsaysやIf節の使い方、happy, unhappy, dirty, cleanなどの形容詞の使い方が学べます。

♪Wash Your Hands! 手をあらおう!

◆Zoom でオンライン英会話レッスン!


◆2020年度 第1回 英検延期
mixiにて今回の英検申込については、Bears English Clubからの一括申込みはしない旨、ご案内しておりますが、進学塾ベルゲンではまだ英検申込みを受付しております。受験希望の方は、直接、ベルゲン進学塾にてお申し込みをお願い致します。



Stay safe, healthy and happy!!





3歳の娘と一緒に "英語でアート" をコンセプトにしたこども英語教室を2007年に開設して13年が経ちました。実験台のように英語を吹き込み、インターナショナルなイベントに連れまわした娘も16歳です。当然のように国際志向が育まれ、今はカナダ留学中です。留学中の娘に連絡がとれないので、手紙のつもりで英語日記を書いています。
その他、千葉市の英語教室、Bears English Clubの活動などをご紹介しています。





3歳の娘と一緒に "英語でアート" をコンセプトにしたこども英語教室を2007年に開設して13年が経ちました。実験台のように英語を吹き込み、インターナショナルなイベントに連れまわした娘も16歳です。当然のように国際志向が育まれ、今はカナダ留学中です。留学中の娘に連絡がとれないので、手紙のつもりで英語日記を書いています。
その他、千葉市の英語教室、Bears English Clubの活動などをご紹介しています。






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